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There is a lot going on in the crypto world right now, and the wary investor should stay tuned into the market closely for the next few weeks. The introduction of futures trading at the CBOE and CME helped to stabilise prices, possibly saving the most recent downturn from a much wilder ride. But there are also a lot of voices out there who are making various claims. The question is, why? Do they know something we don’t, or are they trying to simply move the market? We’ve seen a lot of that in the past, and there is no […]

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  With Bitcoin prices reaching as high as $6,150 last week, the debate continues on how to best capitalize on the growth.¬†We aren’t here to tell you what to do, but we’re happy to give you our insights into the pros and cons of options available. We started our Bitcoin investment in May 2017, and we are now (21 Oct) up over 150% for the year to date. That’s mind-boggling! We’ve said before that we are not buyers and holders of Bitcoin. But we know lots of people who are. So, who is right? The answer depends on your own […]


We’ve talked about WealthBot before, and while we still have some question about their investment options, there is absolute certainty about one thing: if you want to know Bitcoin, you may want to consider the Wealthbot Club. Although they do offer products if you choose to invest, and commissions are paid, it is really much more than an MLM. The club exists to educate members in all aspects of cryptocurrencies. They are quite prolific and have a large and growing library of presentations about the marketplace and the crypto industry in general. It’s free to join, and you don’t have […]

Coinbase is not known to the “in crowd” as being the best wallet in the world, but it is easy to use and has always been one of the best ways to convert Fiat currencies into Bitcoin. Reacting to some of this criticism, they seem to be on a mission to make their service much more feature rich. Today they announced that they are drastically cutting the waiting time to receive your bitcoins when buying through their site. This is a big deal, folks, so you may want to take a look at their announcement here…


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