For your convenience, here are the steps you will need to take for your Bitcoin related investments:

Open a wallet that will allow you to buy Bitcoin from your home currency.  This will usually need to be an online wallet that will connect to your bank, which will vary based on your country of residence.  Many US residents use Coinbase.  You can open your Coinbase wallet here…

Establish a wallet in which your Bitcoin can be safely stored. Offline wallets are most secure, and the best we’ve found to date is Airbitz.  You can learn more about the Airbitz wallet here…

Time to earn some money. Move some Bitcoin to your selected programs. Not a recommendation, but here are the programs in which we are currently enrolled:

  • You can purchase “packages” that currently return approximately 1% daily or buy a license for a Forex trading bot from USI-TECH.
  • Swiss Gold Global is a Bitcoin mining company that will allow for a daily payout, or you can purchase gold or silver.
  • WealthBot is a new program with a unique A.I. “arbitrage” bot aiming to return as much as 30% monthly!





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